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Hardware Requirements

Important: The rule regarding cloud resources has been changed!

Rules regarding hardware

Teams are only allowed to use one laptop per player + 2 additional laptops, meaning a maximum of 12 laptops simultaneously. Servers, desktop PCs, etc., are not allowed. Laptop-comparable devices, such as single-board computers and mini PCs below 100W, count as laptops towards the team's limit of 12 units.

Please be aware that the CTF arena only provides 10 RJ45 ports/10 power plugs for each team/table. Organizers will not provide additional power plugs or network ports: teams must connect extra equipment alone.

The competition is designed not to require additional hardware, e.g., external hard drives, SDRs, logic analyzers, etc. It is allowed to bring such devices anyway. Concerning cloud resources, all challenges/services are designed to be solved using standard laptops. Using cloud resources is not necessary, but they are allowed.

If you are in doubt, please open a ticket with the organizers and discuss the issue.

Finally, remember that it is strictly forbidden to cause disruption to the game network or other teams. This includes attempts to DoS the network using external cloud resources.

Please also have an look at the rules and the code of conduct created by the Steering Committee.


We will provide 10 RJ45 plugs per Team, please make sure you have a RJ45 Port on your laptop and bring a cable.

You are not able to access the competition infrastructure via wifi, mobile phone tethering, ...

In case you are curious, we have two internet connections at the venue:

  • Main Connection: 10Gbit synchronous
  • Backup Connection: 2Gbit down / 500 Mbit up

Each team will get a Gbit Switch for lightweight traffic shaping. If teams are abusing the network, we will downgrade your link speed (1000Mbit -> 100 Mbit -> 10 Mbit), please be nice.


We will provide 10 Type-F / Schuko plugs per Team.

If you use different power plugs, please bring adapters / power strips yourself.

The voltage in Austria is 230V / 50Hz, please make sure it is supported by your devices (a adapter does not change the voltage!!).