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Platform Dry Run

The dry run event with all teams will take place on September 7th, between 4pm and 8pm (CEST).

All teams are required to join the Hacking-Lab discord server to coordinate with the organizers of the ECSC 22 competition. We will use the discord channel of each team to send a zip file containing the credentials to access the competition network.

The purpose of the dry run event is not to run a full A/D CTF simulation. Instead, teams will have the opportunity to get familiar with the CTF network and understand how to fine-tune their infrastructures to match the CTF design. A detailed overview of the network topology and functionalities provided by the A/D CTF will be available shortly before the dry run event on the A/D CTF Platform Overview page.

Teams will have 2 dummy services during the dry run event. These services are meant for teams to experiment with the infrastructure and do not reflect the level of complexity of final services. Despite their simplicity, they support all the main features of full-fledged services, i.e., flag ids and multiple flag stores.

The dry run event will also be helpful to test the ticketing solution enabled in the Hacking-Lab discord server. Teams can try to open a ticket by following this procedure:

  1. Go to the #🆘ecsc-support channel
  2. Click on the envelope icon. You should receive a message from the "Support System" bot
  3. Reply to the bot with a message describing concisely the issue you want to report. The ticket will be created right after
  4. Wait for one of the organizers to accept and assign the ticket
  5. After receiving support, click on the padlock icon and then on the green tick to close the issue.

The schedule for the dry run event is as follows:

  • 3pm, the CTF platform documentation is published
  • 3pm, credentials are sent to the teams' channels
  • 4pm-8pm, the CTF network is open.

See you tomorrow!